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The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.

November 2016


Black Friday Sale



This Month's Focus:  

Seasonal Jobs & Job Fairs


What's Inside



In the News

Gearing Up For 

The Holidays

  With the holidays just around the corner, stores are starting to hire temporary workers to be ready for the upcoming shopping rush. Giant stores Target,  Kohl's, Macy's, and Toys "R" Us have started taking applications for part-time seasonal employment. 

Employers say the seasonal jobs are a good way to earn extra money for the holidays.

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In the Spotlight

Oil and Gas Initiative

Oil and Gas Initiative

When the price of oil dropped below $30 per barrel, thousands of highly educated and experienced people were laid-off in the Houston area. Workforce Solutions is pairing these highly sought individuals with employers outside the oil & gas sector.


Texas Workforce Commission 

VRS Formally Dars

The Texas Workforce Commission's Vocational Rehabilitation Services (formerly the Department of Assistive Rehabilitation Services, or DARS) is a State funded program that assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment. People with disabilities represent the third largest market segment in the U.S., so counting individuals with disabilities among employees can help businesses better understand and meet the needs of this expanding customer base. In addition, hiring workers with disabilities could mean tax breaks 

for businesses. Studies have shown that 33% of hiring managers and executives reported that employees with disabilities stay in their jobs longer.

There are over 82,000 Texans with disabilities of working age (18-64) that are actively seeking employment.



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We strive to make The Buzz a meaningful and useful tool for everyone.  Do you have an idea for a new section?  How about an employer that you'd like to have featured?  We welcome your suggestions and your feedback!

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Upcoming Job Fairs




Hiring Fair for Veterans - Thurs., Nov. 10, 2016


There are nearly 1 million unemployed veterans in Texas. #HRWY2016 can help change that.

Hiring Red, White and You! connects Texas veterans and their families with Texas employers who value the experience, discipline and other exceptional qualities inherent with a military background.


Job ConnectionSecond Annual 

Job Connection

Lakewood Church will be hosting the second annual Job Connection job fair Saturday, November 12th from 9 a.m to 2 p.m.

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Did You Know?


Black Friday



** Hot Jobs **


During the holiday season, businesses load up on temporary employees to meet the increased sales demand. Especially retailers who will see their sales spike at the end of the year and need the extra muscle to keep up.

Check out these openings found in the Gulf Coast Area.


UPS UPS is looking for seasonal package delivery driver helpers to preload, and reload for various locations. As a driver helper, they will not drive the delivery vehicle, but assist the driver with delivering packages.

WIT Job Posting #8487781


Bass Pro Shop  is seeking seasonal workers to performs duties associated with store events and participate in "short term" assignments. Candidates will have a strong commitment to world class customer service and ensure a pleasant and productive shopping experience for all customers.


  AdidasAdidas America is looking to hire sales associates, cashiers, and stockroom workers. The right candidates will collaborate productively and respectfully with team members to meet or exceed store goals. 

WIT Job Posting #3433876


Employers Hiring Now!


Check out the Top 10 Retail Employers currently hiring in the Gulf Coast Region!



What our Customers are Saying...


In response to employer search of WIT...

"...many of them give out old numbers or changed their numbers and we can no longer reach them-or-they do not show up for their scheduled appointment."

Warehousing position; 

Forward Enterprises, Inc.


 In response to, "is that what you were looking for?"...

"Thank you so much, this is great.  I really appreciate your help, I didn't know all these resources were available."

Assistance with HR Solutions and WIT; 

Freddies Janitorial\

F.Morgan Jr.

In response to, "how are our referrals working out?"...

"I've been getting a really good response from everyone and I hired one of them."

Lawn Care Technician position; 

Red Robin Technologies, 

D. Herrick

In response to, "have you been able to find what you need?"...

"Not yet, the people that have applied from Workforce Solutions seem like they do not want to work." 

Floater/Driver/Teacher position; 

Cherish Children Learning Center,

S. Pope

Unsolicited email two weeks after assistance...

"I just wanted to touch base with you to thank you for your assistance a couple of weeks ago.  I am pleased to report that we had a lot of applicants interested in the position.  I reviewed all of the candidates and scheduled interviews with the hiring manager in the last two weeks.  Today, we extended five offers to these candidates from your site which is great for our program."

Project Based Customer Care Assistant, Xerox Business Services

C. Del Hierro


Houston, We've Got the Talent!


Did you know that there are currently 26,774 active job-seekers in WIT identified as having experience in Sales Services with an average of 6 years of experience? Where else can you find a talent pool like that? NOWHERE!  

We have the talent.  We have the resources. Best of all - we have the heart!  


Where are the Retail Sales Workers?


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Looking for more information like this?  Contact our Market Analysis Group about the comprehensive Job Seeker Composite report.


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