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Basic Services Standards & Guidelines (DOC)
Table of Contents (DOC)
Memo-Basic Services Standard and Guideline Revised (DOC)
Technical Assistance Guide Directing Customers (DOC) Revised 04/16/13
Recruiting and Serving Profiled Claimants (DOC) Revised 09/16/09
Non-Compliance Scheduler Examples (DOC) 07/19

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Work Addendum - (English) (PDF) Revised 12/20
Addendum Instructions (DOC) (PDF) Revised 12/20
Self-Employment Enterprise Verification  (DOC) 9/11/12
Job Search Map - (English) Revised 10/06/10 (Spanish) Revised 12/28/10 (DOC)
Potential UI Eligibility Reporting Template - WF-42 (DOC)  12/30/20
Veteran Eligibility Triage Form (DOC) 11/22
TWC Wage Change Request Form (DOC) 05/24
Sample Email Requesting a Correction to a Wage Record (PDF) 05/24
Wage Records Information Report Access Instructions (PDF) 05/24

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SNAP E&T Outreach Letter (English) (Spanish) (03/31/2023)
Choices Mandatory Outreach Letter (English) (Spanish) (03/06/2023)
Recruitment Letter TANF Exempt - (English) Revised 06/17/08  (Spanish) Revised 06/17/08 (DOC)
Recruitment letter TANF Recipient Never Seen - (English) (Spanish) Revised 06/17/08 (DOC)
Notice of Requirement to Enter New Activities TANF - (English) (Spanish) Revised 06/17/08 (DOC)
Notice of Requirement to Enter workfare FSET - (English) (Spanish) Revised 06/17/08 (DOC)
Followup Letter for Working TANF Customers - (English) (SpanishRevised 06/17/08 (DOC)

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Customer Information and Resources

TANF/Choices Participation Video  07/21/21
SNAP E&T Participation Video (PPTX)04/2023
Facts on SNAP English (PDF) 03/2023
Facts on SNAP Spanish (PDF) 03/2023

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Rapid Reemployment Standards and Guidelines (PDF)

Expanded Services Standard and Guideline (PDF)

Touchpoint Management (PDF)


Cooperation Rules and Procedures (DOC) 03//06/2023

Documentation Requirements for Cooperation (XLSX) 08/09/22

HHSC Offices (XLSX) 08/09/2022

SNAP E&T Q&A  (DOC) 10/20

2023 TANF/Choices Wage and Benefit Scenarios Chart (PPT)10/2022

Letters and Forms

Non-Cooperation Letter - TANF Mandatory (DOC)
Non-Cooperation Letter - TANF Exempt
(DOC) Revised 3/14/11
Family Cooperation Agreement - (English) (PDF), (Spanish) (DOC)08/08/11
Make-Up Hours Agreement - (English) (DOC), 3/14/11 (Spanish)(DOC)3/21/11
Supervised Job Search Report Form - (English) Revised 11/14/11, (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 11/14/11
Job Search Log - (English) (Spanish)( PDF) Revised 02/08/18
Counting Your Time - (English) (Spanish) (PDF) Revised 11/11/11
Verification of Hours Form - (English) Revised 3/24/16 (Spanish) (DOC) 3/31/15
Orientation to Complaint Procedures Form (English)  Revised 10/21 (Spanish) Revised 10/21
Non-Financial Volunteer Site Agreement (DOC) 08/20/15


Appeals for TANF or SNAP E& T - Instructions (DOC) Revised 3/14/11
Policy Statement - SNAP Recruitment
(DOC) Revised 3/14/11
Policy Statement - SNAP Non-Cooperation
(DOC) Revised 3/28/11
Policy Statement - TANF Recruitment
(DOC) Revised 3/14/11
Policy Statement - TANF Non-Cooperation
(DOC) Revised 3/28/11

Customer Information and Resources
Job Descriptions
Staff Performance Review Tools


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