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I AM Workforce Solutions

Staff Awards

At Workforce Solutions, it is our mission to help employers meet their workforce needs, as well as help individuals build and grow their careers. We all work hard to make a difference in our jobs to achieve these goals; and in some instances, there are Workforce Solutions staff members who go beyond expectations to do more for our customers.


As part of the I AM Workforce Solutions campaign, each Workforce Solutions contractor will nominate those Workforce Solutions staff members whose daily work exemplifies the principles of good customer service:

  • I AM Workforce Solutions to my customer
  • I use my customer's perspective to guide my work
  • I understand the resources available throughout our system
  • I can always help my customer even when I have to say "no"
  • I learn from my mistakes and gain a better understanding of how to help my customer


A winner will be selected and a poster with a picture of the winner will be sent to every office for system recognition as well as posted on this Workforce Solutions web page. Winners will also be introduced and recognized at Gulf Coast Workforce Board meetings.

All files listed in this section require Adobe Reader unless noted otherwise.

December 2016 - Benito Guzman
June 2016 - Tamara Reed and Flor Lopez
December 2015 - Danny Phillips
June 2015 - Anita Edens, Lisa McCoy, and Nicole Quintero
October 2014 - Sherrie Brooks
August 2014 - Joe Cabrera
June 2014 - Vicki Ruhmann (JPG)
April 2014 - Michael Gutierrez

February 2014 - Pedro Chavez
December 2013 - Tara Bradley
October 2013 - Susan Dixon 


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