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Letters of Support For External Grants

The below information is specific to organizations that are applying for external funding (non-Workforce Solutions funding) and need a letter of support from the Board to complete their grant applications. If you are an individual seeking Workforce Solutions funding such as scholarships for education and training, child care, or additional assistance, please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board is happy to support proposals for grants for external funding when these proposals are consistent with the Board's mission. In all cases, the Board staff will make every effort to provide letters of support for these proposals. However, to best ensure that a letter can be generated in a timely fashion, the Board requests the following:

1. That a party seeking a support letter notify the Board contact, Thomas Brown, as soon as possible of the intention to apply for funding and the funding source. He can be reached by e-mail at

2. That the party seeking funding provide the Board contact with an outline/summary, budget, and contact person for the grant proposal as soon as possible, and no later than three full business days before the letter must be picked up.

In some cases, such as grant opportunities that specifically require an endorsement from the Board. Board staff may need additional time to prepare letters. For that reason, please notify Board staff as soon as possible of your intention to apply for funding and the funding source involved. In instances in which the Board anticipates needing more time to complete letters. Board staff will post notification on this Web site,

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