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Consulting Services

Our Employer Service Division can help you find qualified candidates who are trained and equipped with the right skills to fill your position.  We can also help you find solutions for your human resources need, including technical assistance with government regulations and programs, tax incentives credits, and training for your current employees.

Our Employer Service Division takes pride on meeting your business needs and adds value to your company.  Depending on your specific needs, one of our Business Consultants may be working behind the scenes screening candidates for your open positions.  We can help you create an effective job posting that will attract qualified applicants for you.

Consulting Services We Offer

Specialized Testing

We also offer many tools and techniques for evaluating job candidates' occupational skills, aptitudes, achievement levels and interestsSpecialized testing is available to  employers who want tools to guide decisions about promotions or post-hire training to support retention. 

Hiring Events

Would you like to be able to meet, interview, and hire ambitious go-getters in one exciting setting? Would you like tens to hundreds of highly qualified job applicants vying for a spot in your company? Would you like to be able to choose from the cream of the crop to fill important roles in your company? Then the job fairs that we plan and execute for our employers is exactly what you need!

Interview Space

Is your facility too small or too busy for interview space? Do you need a professional and convenient location in which to meet with and/or interview your job applicants? We can help! You can utilize our professional offices!

Customized Training

Do you need to ensure that your employees are caught up to speed with the latest technology and platforms of your company? Do you need to enhance your employees' specialized knowledge and skills? Would you like to have highly effective employees who are problem solvers and results-oriented? If you do we can help with customized training needs.


Are you restructuring or downsizing within your company? Are company changes resulting in a need for mass layoffs? If so, we can help make this a smooth and efficient process for everyone involved. Our outplacement experience is a highly effective and positive experience for you and your affected workers (who may be going through the layoffs).

Contact Employer Service

To ask questions or request services for your business, please contact:

Workforce Solutions
Telephone: 713-688-6890

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