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Create a Better WorkInTexas Job Posting

Our online system,, has the largest pool of quality candidates in the State of Texas and at any given time employers are posting between 3,000 to 6,000 open jobs .  To attract the most qualified candidates, a high quality job posting is one that accurately reflects the employer's request for that position.  All job postings should include as much information as possible about the job listing to ensure a more qualified job candidate match.

Elements of the job posting that should be completed as detailed and accurately as possible are:

  • Job Description - What are the job duties and responsibilities?
  • Experience - How many years and/or months are required?
  • Education - What type of education or training is required?

 Other useful information to include is:

  • Application instructions - How does an interested candidate apply for this job?
  • License/Certification - Are there any occupational licenses or certifications necessary for this job?
  • Computer/Software Skills - Are there any computer and/or software skills required or desired?
  • Salary/Pay
  • Additional information - Any information that cannot be included in any other sections, e.g. work schedule, exact job duration, etc.

Let our Employer Services Division help you create job postings that attract skilled and suitable applicants .   Contact them at 713-688-6890 or by email and one of our Business Consultants will be happy to assist you.

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