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Planning & Measurement

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board is accountable for leading and governing the workforce system in the 13-county Gulf Coast region of Texas. It is the sole workforce board in this region and one of its primary responsibilities is strategic planning.

A great challenge for the Board is setting the direction and focus for workforce activities in the region and using its limited resources to leverage the larger system and reach Board-established results. Accomplishing ambitious goals would be impossible without a strategic plan that clearly describes, and precisely quantifies, what results the Board expects of the regional workforce system.

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board is committed to its Strategic Plan (PDF)  and to revisiting that plan regularly to ensure it is reflective of the needs of the community. As a result, every major decision, every program and every project is examined for its "fit" with the Board's vision.

The Board's strategic plan is a guide for managing the regional workforce system. Board members and staff use it to drive the system forward towards four achievable results:

  • More Competitive Employers
  • A Better Educated Workforce
  • More and Better Jobs
  • Higher Incomes

We use 24 measures to assess progress toward achieving these results.  For an explanation of our measures, baselines and targets, please click here.

Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values and Behaviors

In everything that we do, we seek to assure the Gulf Coast region remains a great place to live, work and do business. To meet the demands of the rapidly-changing world in which we work, we must have one foot firmly planted in today while keeping an eye steadily focused on what's to come. We believe our employer-driven and personalized approach to addressing the diverse needs of businesses and individuals affords each the best chance for sustainable success.

We are committed to strengthening the vibrancy of our region so that we can attract and retain the best employers, afford everyone the dignity of a job and remain indispensable to the global economy - today and tomorrow.

Purpose (why we exist)
To keep our region a great place to do business, work and live. 

Mission (what makes us different)
We elevate the economic and human potential of the Gulf Coast region by fulfilling the diverse needs of the businesses and individuals we serve. 

Vision (the future to which we aspire)
Our region attracts and retains the best employers, affords everyone the dignity of a job, remains vitally important to the global economy - and all within it are thriving.

Values and behaviors (our strongly held beliefs)
     - We are employer-driven
     - We care passionately

  • Advocate for others
  • Inspire hope
  • Fuel progress

     - We take responsibilities seriously

  • Be accountable
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Drive results

     - We imagine possibilities

  • Seek multiple perspectives
  • Bring fresh thinking
  • Engage one another in making a difference

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