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  • Retail Sales Associate Posted on 05.09.23 | Location: 77591–Texas City

    Job Posting ID: 15978643

    Retail Sales Associate for hire! A Retail Sales Associate is responsible for handling various sales activities in a retail store, including facilitating purchases and providing customer service. The specific duties and responsibilities of a Retail Sales Associate vary widely but typically include the following: Greeting customers when they walk through the door, building rapport through conversation and honest recommendations. Ringing up sales and arranging for delivery or pick-up of the customer’s order if needed. Inviting customers to search the company’s website for coupons and other ways to save money. Informing customers of any extra charges if necessary. This is a full-time position Pay: $15/Hr DOE

    15978643-Retail Sales Associate

  • Purchasing Coordinator Posted on 05.10.23 | Location: 77057– Westheimer

    Job Posting ID: 15981271

    Purchasing Coordinator for hire! Looking for an ideal candidate to be responsible for maintaining accurate and timely purchase order processing. Monitor stock levels and reorder merchandise to ensure proper levels. Support sales staff to process special orders and research products for customers. Serve as primary contact for associates with product and order status questions. This is a Full-time position. Pay: $15-$21HR DOE

    15981271-Purchasing Coordinator

  • Welder Fabricator Posted on 05.10.23 | Location: 77075-Southeast

    Job Posting ID: 15980162

    Welder Fabricator for hire! We are looking for a motivated, experienced welder to join our company as a Welder Fabricator. As part of our team of professional fabricators, you construct and manufacture metal parts and products, taking particular care to produce clean, polished welds. You follow blueprints, determine material measurements, and take responsibility for fabricating parts used in later assembly processes. You are responsible for the quality of your output, so you must be able to perform simple tests to ensure weld quality and tolerance. This is a full-time position. Pay: $20-$32HR DOE

    15980162-Welder Fabricator

  • Pool Technician Posted on 05.11.23 | Location: 77082– Southwest

    Job Posting ID: 15983492

    Pool Technician for hire! We are looking to hire a trustworthy and reliable pool service technician to service and maintain our customers' swimming pools. As a pool technician, your duties will include driving to the customers' location, testing the pH of the swimming pool water, adding chlorine, acid, and other chemicals to correct the pH as well as repairing light fittings, leaks, cracks, and faulty equipment. To ensure success as a pool service technician, you should have excellent knowledge of swimming pool equipment and maintenance, be able to work with hazardous chemicals, and interact with clients in a friendly and professional manner. This is a Full-time position. Pay: $17/hr.

    15983492-Pool Technician

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