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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Pieces of a Larger System

Understanding the roles of each entity in the Workforce Solutions system improves internal communication and ensures we can confidently say "I AM Workforce Solutions" to our customers. Through a series of trainings called Did You Know, we're reviewing each piece of our system with staff members and working to unify our language with customers on all fronts.

Did You Know

Training & Development

The resources here provide you with information to help you build skills and progress in your career at Workforce Solutions.

Training Calendar

To view a list of class offerings, click on Workforce Solutions Training Calendar.

Training Catalog (PDF) (09/2021)

Click on the Training Catalog link to view a list of courses and resources along with their descriptions.


The purpose of the LMS is to provide you with "one-stop" access to training and development resources linked to the requirements of your job.

Training Plans

Professional Academy Agenda (PDF) (01/20)
Build Your Own
(PDF) 01/02/19

Business Consultant
(DOC)  05/29/18
Employment Counselor (PDF)  01/02/19
Financial Aid Customer Support Specialist (PDF)  01/02/19
Greeter (PDF) 01/02/19
Personal Service Representative (PDF) 01/02/19
Program Assistant (PDF) 01/02/19
Program Tracking Specialist (PDF) 01/02/19
Recruiter (Career Office) (PDF) 01/02/19
Recruiter (ETC) (PDF) 01/02/19
Resource Specialist (PDF) 01/02/19

Desk Aids

Using the Learning Management System (PDF) 03/11/22
Using the Learning Management System - Creating Reports - Classic (PDF) 03/11/22
Using the Learning Management System - Creating Reports - Custom (PDF) 03/11/22
Using the Learning Management System  - Supervisors & Training Liaisons (PDF) 03/11/22

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