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The following materials are suitable for use in employer sales presentations, at expos, employer job fairs/events, and for any marketing communications purpose related to your job. Download and print what you need to customize your presentation so it fits the customer and occasion. There is no need to use every one of these pieces all the time with all your customers.

Materials will be updated by the Workforce Solutions Communications Office as needed on an ongoing basis, so always check this site first for the latest information before reproducing pieces. When a piece has been changed, it will be marked by a revision date along side the PDF icon. If you have questions regarding any of these materials, or suggestions for new ones, please contact your Regional Manager or Quality Improvement Manager.

Note: If you are printing large quantities of a piece, you can print a master sheet in Black/White (not color) and run that through your office copy machine. For small quantities, send file directly to a laser printer from your computer (for the best quality). For the best quality of large quantities, you may want to send or take a master sheet to a printing company for professional printing. Unless you have a really good color copier in your office, a printing company will do the best job with color copies.


Career Office Location Sheet
* Locations (list) (PDF) Revised 08/17/17
* Locations (numbered list and map) (PDF) Revised 08/17/17
Note: The margins of this template are pre-set to fit on the Shell Sheet. As information is updated, the date is noted on the bottom of the sheet. Use only the latest version.

"Who We Are - Infographic" (PDF)
"Who We Are - Booklet; Single Page View (PDF)
"Who We Are - PowerPoint " (PPT) (02/01/16)
"Who We Are - Print Ready Document" (PDF) (03/03/16)

Employment Law-Related Websites (PDF) (06/25/08)
Note: Print on Shell Sheet

"Disability is Not Lack of Ability" EMPLOYER TOOLKIT (PDF) (04/11/08)

Labor market information (06/25/08)
Note: Print on Shell Sheet

Hiring Event (DOC)
Note: Print on plain white paper


With the Workforce Solutions registered logo and EEO statement (space for text in between).
* Color (DOC)
* Black/White (DOC)

Note: Workforce Solutions Shell Sheet can also be used for flyers. The Shell sheets are available through the COIN (Computer Online Inventory Network) system. Set left-hand margin of text to allow for color border. Do not print text on border. Logos can be downloaded onto sheet. REMEMBER, always increase or decrease the size of the logo by pulling (pushing) the corners of the graphic, NOT by the sides, to keep the logo in proper proportion.

Flyer Review Process

All staff-created internal and external flyers need to be reviewed, prior to use, by a Regional Manager. The Regional Manager will be responsible for making sure a piece meets marketing standards and graphic guidelines before giving approval.

If a piece is going to be used at an event, or directed to more than one specific employer, the Regional Manager needs to have the piece reviewed by the Quality Improvement Manager, who needs to send a copy to the Workforce Solutions Communications Office.

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