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Trade Act - Rules And Procedures

Rules and Procedures

21-02 Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) - Procedures for Adversely Affected Customers Change 2 (DOC) (PDF) 10/25/22

Trade Adjustment Act Procedures  (DOC) 10/22

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Reversion 2021 Desk Aid (DOC) 05/22

Forms, Letters and Customer Information Handouts
Explanation of Services, Form TAA-EOS (English) (Spanish) (PDF) 09/15/16

Waiver of Training, Form WOT-1 (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 17/17/16

Reemployment and Training Plan (English) (XLS) Revised 07/30/18  (Spanish) (DOC)

Certification of Suitable Employment, Form TAA-12  (DOC)

Attendance and Progress Report- Fillable (English)  (Spanish) - Example of Completed Form (PDF) Revised (06/06/16)

TAA 1st Notice Benchmark Review (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 06/25/13

TAA 2nd Notice Benchmark Review (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 06/25/13

Sample TWC letter to Trade Affected Workers - Form BT-1 (PDF) Revised 10/31/12

Petition For Trade Adjustment Assistance, Form ETA-9042A (English) (Spanish) (PDF) Revised 11/2017

Request for Relocation Allowances, Form ETA-860 (PDF)

Request for Job Search Allowances, Form ETA-861 (DOC)

Rebranding Skills: Repackaging and Marketing Your Skills (English) (Spanish) (PDF)

Job Skills Seminars (DOC)

Employee Statement of Eligibility (DOC) 11/17/16

Trade Adjustment Assistance Coenrollment Declination Form (DOC) 09/21

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