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Workforce Solutions Financial Aid

DocuWare Document Labels (PDF) (12/18/20)

High Poverty Census Tracts 09/28/2023
Financial Aid Limits by Type of Assistance (PDF) 09/28/2023
WIOA Youth Eligibility Guidelines (DOC) (PDF) 02/08/2021
Desk Aid - Parent Share of Cost (DOC) 11/01/19
TRS Discount to Parent Share of Cost Worksheet 04/30/21 (XLS)
Child Care Authentication Guide (PDF) (DOC) Updated 06/2023
Financial Aid Income Guidelines (PDF) Revised 01/26/2024
Validating and Entering Qualifications for Financial Aid (PDF) 07/07/22
Cash Card Integrity Review Process (DOC) 05/25/2017
Parent Share of Cost Worksheet (XLS) 09/21/2020
Initial Job Search Child Care Desk Aid (DOC) (PDF) 07/2021
Amazon Purchasing Process (DOC) 10/21
Creating an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) using (PDF) 04/11/2024
Completing Participant Wagner-Peyser Applications in (WIT) (PDF) 04/11/2024
Documenting Measurable Skill Gains (PDF) 04/11/2024

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Workforce Solutions Labor Market Information

GCWB Where the Jobs Are (PDF)
GCWB Targeted Industries (PDF)
GCWB Targeted Occupations (PDF)
Supplemental Resource: High-Skill High-Growth Occupations and Alternates due to SOC Code Changes (PDF)

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Workforce Solutions Customer Service

Comprehensive Needs Assessment  (PDF)
Delivering Effective Workshops  (PDF)
Fidelity Bonding Desk Aid (PDF)
Fidelity Bonding Request Form (PD)
Fidelity Bonding Flyer  (PDF)
Fidelity Bonding Brochure (PDF)
Fidelity Bonding Poster (PDF)
Interviewing Tips (PDF)
Potential Challenges to Finding-Keeping a Job  (PDF)
Texas Payday Wage Claim Process (PDF)
Top 10 Tips for Staying Employed (PDF)
Work Search Assessment Desk Aid (PDF)
Creating a Job Posting Flowchart  (PDF)
Hire Verification Guidelines (PDF) Revised 02/06/17
Hiring Events Desk Aid (PDF)
Veteran Service Desk Aid (DOC) Updated 02/25/15
TWIST Counselor Notes Guidelines (DOC) (09/06/16)
TWIST Counselor Notes Subject Lines Desk Aid (DOC) Revised 06/07/18
TWIST Counselor Notes Training Guide for Supervisors (DOC)
A Desk Aid for Job Seekers (PDF)
Service to Individuals Experiencing Homelessness (DOC) 09/21
Homeless Management Information System Desk Aid (DOC)
Online TABE Desk Aid (PDF) 07/09/19
New WIT WP Employment and Education Fix Quick Pick (DOC) 09/21
Online Learning 05/23/2024
RESEA Career Transitioning Services (CTS) DW Statewide Project Data Entry Desk Aid (DOC) 10/22
Better Together Services Desk Aid (PDF) 02/2024
Assisting Individuals with Wage Record and UI Benefits Data Requests (PDF)

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