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Education Opportunity

Education Opportunity Connector brings our career offices and adult education providers together through shared Workforce Solutions services. Partnerships have been designed to foster and cultivate relationships to strengthen connections that will help career offices and adult education providers better understand what services are available to customers.

Through this initiative, processes have been developed with the assistance of the Adult Education Lead Agency, Region 6 ESC. From initial inquiry to follow‐up, Region 6 will assist in cultivating the relationships between career offices, adult education providers and customers within the Gulf Coast Region. Follow‐up activities support customers and/or students in completing education and training objectives, including collecting information on educational outcomes, employment, earnings, enrollment and progress in postsecondary education or training, and credential attainment.

With this effort, Workforce Solutions strives to help customers soar to greater heights. Transforming their educational desires, as well as, their career opportunities to help keep our region a great place to business, work, and live.

Customers who are interested in services are encouraged to complete the Individual Interest Form. If a customer is in need of assistance with completing the Workforce Interest form a representative from Workforce or AEL, can assist with filling out the Interest Form. Once the Workforce Interest Form is completed customers will be contacted by a support service representative. Workforce Solutions Interest Form The support service representative will contact customers to complete the Education Opportunity Questionnaire. The support service representative will also work with customers over the course of time while receiving service from Workforce Solutions. Education Opportunity Questionnaire

Educational Opportunity Videos: