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The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.

March 2016

oil field
This Month's Focus:  Oil & Gas Industry


What's Inside

In the News 


Houston a Top City for 

Maritime Jobs 

Statewide, the domestic maritime industry creates $7.98 billion annually for Texas' economy and provides 39,190 Texas maritime workers with $2.3 billion in collective income.   

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Maritime Industry Labor 

Market Information

  130,681 Jobs in 2015

+28.4% Change 2010 - 2020

$16.53/hr Median Wage

EMSI was used as a research tool in obtaining this information

Spotlight Services

Labor Market Analysis
Labor Market Analysis

We know the ins and outs of the local labor market -- from current market conditions that may affect your customer's ability to hire the best talent to policies, programs and government regulations that affect your customer's business. Our team of Market Analysts can help your customers apply this expertise, helping them address specific workforce challenges.  

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Hand Shake

  Employer Site Recruiting

On-site Staffing

Our Business Consultants can help customers meet, interview, and hire ambitious go-getters in one exciting setting! This allows them to be able to choose from the cream of the crop to fill important roles in their company. The job fairs and on-site staffing events that we plan and execute for our employers is exactly what they need to support them in competing in the global economy!

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Texas Department of Assistive and Rebabilitative Services

 DRS Rehabilitation Technology Resource Center (RTRC) 

The latest technology enables people with disabilities to perform jobs once thought of as "off limits" to them. New products do not always reach the people who need them most. The RTRC can assist in finding equipment, explaining how it is used and how to get it. 

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Got Ideas?


We strive to make The Buzz a meaningful and useful tool for everyone.  Do you have an idea for a new section?  How about an employer that you'd like to have featured?  We welcome your suggestions and your feedback!

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Top 5 Oil & Gas Companies

Hiring Right Now!

Oil & Gas as an industry has been suffering from an economic downturn worldwide for several months as the price of petroleum continues to plunge, but there are still companies looking for great people, and we can help!  Check out the Top 5 Oil & Gas Industry Employers currently hiring in the Gulf Coast Region!


  Click here to view the complete list of jobs in

Rapid Response Alert

  Below is a list of companies in the Gulf Coast Region that have notified the Texas Workforce Commission of a workforce reduction in the coming months.  We have an opportunity to help make this a smooth and efficient process for everyone involved with our Rapid Response services.



On the Job Training Opportunities

On-the-Job Training (OJT) offers participants an opportunity to earn as they learn while focusing on jobs that involve new technologies, production, service or additional skills for full-time positions (at least 30 hours per week) paying at least $10.00 per hour or more.

United Recovery Systems

United Recovery Systems is looking for 30

Collection Agents to start by March 7th and
every 2 weeks thereafter!  No experience required

Starting pay is $11.45/hour. Must pass a background check. WIT Job Posting #2897110.

EGS Expert Global Services is looking for 20

Customer Service Reps to start as soon as 

possible!  No experience required Pay is $10-

13/hour DOE. WIT Job Posting #3374211.

  Management & Training Corporation is looking for 

Management & Training Corporation60 Corrections Officers to start by April 1st! No experience required. Starting pay is $10.25/hour

Great benefits! WIT Job Posting #8428374.


All interested job seekers can find out if they are eligible for OJT by emailing their resume to

Top Employers Hiring in Texas


  *Data as of February 23, 2016 for the Gulf Coast Region

Got a Candidate?

  ** HOT JOBS **
These Employers are Hiring! 


Servomex is hiring multiple Pipe Fitters with 2+ years experience.  Pipe Fitters are responsible for proper assembly such that the completed system will be serviceable, reliable and of overall high quality and perform basic testing on completed system(s).  WIT Job Posting #5119758


ARAMCO Services Company is currently hiring multiple positions. The company is seeking multiple positions including Engineering (WIT Job Posting #2896435)  Loss Prevention - Safety Engineers (WIT Job Posting #3374660) and Professional Trainer - HR Analyst (WIT Job Posting #3374660)

  Your Health Matters


  The Health Hazards of Sitting

We do it at work, in the car, and at home in front of the television.  For the majority of us, we are sitting for the better part of the day, but have you ever stopped to think about what sitting could be doing to our bodies?

The Washington Post recently published an article addressing just that.  From the tops of our heads to the toes on our feet, sitting for long periods of time can have pretty severe impacts to our health ranging from poor circulation in the legs, to colon cancer.

So what can we do?  Experts say that we should try sitting on something wobbly, like a yoga ball.  Even sitting on a backless stool can help to keep your core muscles engaged.  When you are at home in front of the TV, get up and walk around during the commercials.  Even a leisurely stroll at 1 mph will burn twice as many calories as sitting.

Just as important as moving is the fuel we put into our bodies.  Yes, we're talking about the food we eat.  We live in Texas, where the lure of a Whataburger patty melt and fries is minutes away.  We often rationalize with excuses like, "it will be faster," "I need to finish this report," or "it's on the way to my meeting."  The problem is, after that patty melt and fries, comes the sluggish, tired feeling that is inevitable after eating a meal so high in fat. 

In order to keep that pep in your step, eat food rich in nutrients such as calcium, folic acids, iron, and omega-3s.  All of these nutrients are proven to assist in normal brain function - including regulating your moods, and make getting through the day a whole lot easier.  Imagine that happy, euphoric feeling you get on Fridays lasting the entire week! 

Taking care of our bodies is a responsibility that each of us carries, but many take for granted.  When you take care of yourself you naturally feel better, work better, and do better for the people around you. - LET'S GET MOVING

To read the entire article from the Washington Post, click here.  For some examples of exercises you can do while you're at the office, check out this article, and for a deeper look into healthy eating choices, don't miss this article.


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