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The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.

June 2016

Special Edition:  Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative


This Month's Focus:  

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative


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Businesses are faced with a unique opportunity to find the people that fit their culture as well as those who have the skills required to do the job.  But what happens when a hiring manager ADORES someone that came in for an interview, but they are missing a particular skill?  Our On-The-Job-Training program gives employers the opportunity to find the right people and train them the way they want to, and get up to 50% of the wages paid during the training period reimbursed!  No bad habits, the right people for the job, and partnerships that last.

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The Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative Officially Launched May 18, 2016

Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative

While the price of oil plunged below $30 per barrel, our region's workforce has certainly felt the effects.  Thousands of highly-trained individuals have been laid off and are struggling to find employment as more and more companies announce workforce reductions.

Gulf Coast Workforce Solutions announced the launch of the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative aimed specifically at those individuals.  The goal of the program is to find employers in other industries that are looking for highly-trained individuals to meet their needs and match them with job-seekers from the state's database,

More Layoffs Are Coming for the 

Oil & Gas Industry

There are currently more than 2,700 individuals reported to have received WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) notices from oil and gas or related manufacturing companies.  

We have a tremendous opportunity to offer our Rapid Response service to these employers and to the workers affected by the continuing workforce reduction efforts.

  More Layoffs Are Coming for the   Oil & Gas Industry

Click here to view the list.

 Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative

For Jobseekers AND Employers

The Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative will assist jobseekers displaced from the industry through a virtual office.  The services offered include resume critique, transitional occupation analysis, tools and seminars designed to help with their search, as well as specialized training and OJT opportunities.

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Contact Us E-Mail Us!  

Do you know someone that has been laid off from the oil & gas industry?  We've set up a special email address that goes directly to the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative Team!

Survey Fill Out the Job-Seeker Survey!

We want to help displaced oil & gas workers as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Have them fill out this easy 5-question survey and someone from the Oil & Gas Initiative Team will contact them.

Employers - Find the Talent! Employers - Find the Talent!

We want to help employers in our region gain access to the best and the brightest talent to meet their workforce needs.  Fill out this simple 5-question interest form and someone from the Oil & Gas Initiative team will get in touch!


Houston Area Employers Can 

WIN BIG With Oil & Gas Layoffs

Yes, the oil and gas industry is a big deal in the Houston-Galveston-The Woodlands region.  When the price of a barrel of oil plummeted below $30, we felt the strain, and we are still feeling it.  With thousands of people being laid-off, and more on the horizon, how do we adjust?  We can't just wait for the price of oil to bounce back.

On the flip side, if you've been perusing LinkedIn or other job boards, it seems like there are endless new job postings.  Companies ARE hiring in our region.  With a labor pool saturated with highly-trained and highly-educated people due to the recent lay-offs, companies in other industries have the opportunity to win big!  It's much easier for them to attract, and retain this talent now, more than ever before.

The Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Initiative, managed by the Employer Service Division of Workforce Solutions is a state-funded program that will aim to match employers looking for individuals that carry these highly desirable skills, which can easily transition from the oil and gas industry.  In addition to having access to the largest database of job-seekers, this initiative will also assist companies with recruitment, pre-screening applicants, hiring events, specialized training, etc.  

Employers that are interested in participating in this initiative should fill out this brief Employer Interest Form.

The Largest Highly-Skilled and Highly-Trained Labor Pool is


Did you know that there are currently nearly 30,000 active job-seekers in WIT if we only count some of the oil and gas industry-specific occupations such as extraction workers, supervisors of extraction workers, engineers, operations managers and operations specialists?  That's not even including those folks that have been affected by workforce reductions in the supporting roles like administrative assistants,  IT professionals, analysts, etc.  

What's even more amazing is the level of experience these folks have.  10+ years in management occupations, 10+ years in engineering occupations, 7+ years in operations occupations.  

The next time you are out and about, and someone asks what you can do for them, the answer is simple.  We have the talent.  We have the resources. Best of all - we have the heart!  


Click here to download the full document

Looking for more information like this?  Contact our Market Analysis Group about the comprehensive Job Seeker Composite report.


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