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The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.

Decmeber 2016




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In the Spotlight



Oil and Gas Initiative

When the price of oil dropped below $30 per barrel, thousands of highly educated and experienced people were laid-off in the Houston area. 

Interested in talent displaced from Oil & Gas?  View the Oil & Gas Job Seeker Composite to see candidates with active profiles.


Texas Workforce Commission


Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Texas Workforce Commission's Vocational Rehabilitation Services (formerly the Department of Assistive Rehabilitation Services, or DARS) is a State funded program that assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment. 

People with disabilities represent the third largest market segment in the U.S., so counting individuals with disabilities among employees can help businesses better understand and meet the needs of this expanding customer base. 

Mark your calendars on April 20th for the Ninth Annual Transition Job Fair.



Labor Market Analysis

We know the ins and outs of the local labor market -- from current market conditions that may affect your customer's ability to hire the best talent to policies, programs and government regulations that affect your customer's business. Our team of Market Analysts can help your customers apply this expertise, helping them address specific workforce challenges.




Gulf Coast Labor Market Information

 Jobs are expected 

to increase by +12.6% 

over the next five years. 

The average earnings for a Gulf Coast Resident in 2016 

is $46,633 



Got Ideas?





We want to make The Buzz a meaningful and useful tool for everyone.  Do you have an idea for a new section?  How about an employer that you'd like to have featured?  We welcome your suggestions and your feedback!

Email us your questions & comments







Did You Know

Total Non-Agricultural Employment in the Gulf Coast Region


Industry Overview


Industries with the highest increase in overal wages

Industries With The 

Most Job Growth

Elementary and 

Secondary Schools

From 185,109

to 192,419

Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction

From 91,318

to 97,111



From 123,683

to 128,548


Occupation Overview



Occupations With 

The Most Job Openings

Food Preparation 

and Serving Workers, 

Including Fast Food


Waiters and Waitresses


Retail Salespersons




Top Employers By County





Bellville Tube Company


BASF Corporation




Utex Industries Inc.

Fort Bend

County of Fort Bend


HSG Constructors


Kellogg Brown & Root


Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints 


CVS Health Corporation


General Motors


Texas Department of Criminal Justice


Creekside Nursery


El Campo ISD

Click Here To Download the Top 5 Employer List By County


Work In Texas


Placements and Job openings


Industries With The Largest 

# Of Job Postings In WIT

#1 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

#2 Administrative and Support Services

#3 Educational Services


Industries That Requested The 

 Most Pre-Screening Assistance 

#1 Health Care Services

#2 Religious Organizations

#3 Administrative and Support Services



What our Customers are Saying...


In response to information about work-based learning apprenticeships for young adults...

"This is so exciting!  I'll take all of them!"

HR Business Partner;
School District,
J. R.

In response to information about job listings, OJT, TVC and Oil and Gas Initiative...

"That's great! The best candidates for the Field Service Technician positions we have are vets from the US Navy!"

HR Manager;
C. S.

In response to consultation about I-9 Form and W-4s...

"I'm so relieved to know about this, I felt so lost."

Day Care Center,
C. K.

In response to introduction to Workforce Solutions service...

"No, no, no, we don't work with Workforce Solutions, the people you send us don't last." 

HR Manager;
Freight Company
J. P.

(Resolution: LMI was shared with the employer showing the competitive wages needed to increase retention.)

After hiring event filling 15 manager and retail positions...

"Workforce Solutions made the recruitment, application, interview and background checks process so smooth!"

Sr. HR Staffing Specialist,
C. S.

Employer unhappy about showing up to a hiring event no one knew about...

"I'm extremely upset.  I came to hire people and you all don't have a clue what's going on"

Sr. Regional Manager,
Convenience Store,
D. C.

(Resolution: This customer has since returned and experienced success with Workforce Solutions!)


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