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The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.The Buzz is a monthly newsletter from Workforce Solutions - Employer Service Division and is issued to provide local labor market information that is timely and meaningful to our partners in the Gulf Coast Region.

February 2016


There are currently 915 job postings in the Construction field in for the Gulf Coast Region.

Currently, there are 413 job postings in the Construction Industry in for the Gulf Coast Region that was created after January 4, 2016.


There were 1,060 Active Youth Job Seekers that registered in


What is your brand?


There was a total of 2,229 active job seekers registered in for the Gulf Coast Region.


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Need to find a good employee or keep a valued employee?


All interested job seekers can find out if they are eligible for OJT by applying online with their resume to:

To have your hot job listed in the next issue please send in request by February 15, 2015.




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Employers with the Most Job Openings in the Gulf Coast Region:

The following graph shows the companies with the most job openings in the Construction and Manufacturing/Oil & Gas fields in the Gulf Coast Region. Also listed are the types of occupations within each of these companies. Use this information for greater success in helping job seekers find jobs.



# of Current Job Openings

 Occupations to be filled




CSM Industrial





Scaffold Builders 

All American Rigging Co.           





Iron Worker



C&M Tech (

 Wanted Analytics was used as a research tool in obtaining this information.    

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Got a Candidate?

When working with employers, the focus should be on locating those who have a need for new employees in their workforce. 

Once the calendar changes to January 1, it officially becomes TAX SEASON! Due to the extreme demand, many employers are looking for multiple positions that can lend a helping hand. Depending on the position, employers could be looking for a just a HS diploma or a BA in Accounting.

Does your candidate have the zeal and patience to work with customers during this trying time? If so, they might qualify for the wealth of positions in the tax field.
Check out the jobs below to see if the job seekers qualify for one of these hot jobs: 

Does your candidate match the job requirements for these open positions?


Income Tax Preparer
Job Posting ID 7082897

  • HS/GED
  • 6 months of related experience
  • Pay between $8 - $12 per hour


Job Posting ID 8423350

  • Ability to analyze and prepare financial reports
  • Can work closely with customers to ensure tax requirements
  • Pay is $40,000 - $55,000/YR 



 On the Job Training Opportunities


This month OJT looks forward to partnering with KBR, the global technology, engineering, and construction company, to fill 60 OJT positions for veterans! 

Sutherland Global Services continues to seek those with sales and customer service experience with over 100 positions to fill. Also, please be on the lookout for our upcoming OJT opportunities in the Construction Field! This is just another way Workforce Solutions helps employers and jobseekers compete in the global economy.  For more information, email

 Click here for OJT's hot jobs!

Buzzin' Around the Beehive

While reaching out to last year's customers to assess their hiring needs for 2016, we noticed a pattern in their staffing structure that is expanding across the board.
Many of the employers we spoke to are no longer offering full-time positions of 30 hours per week or more.  In the last 12 months, those that have modified their staffing pattern have converted up to 90% of their jobs to part time only positions.  That development increased the volume of employees and the company's hiring activity but, of course, it also means many workers now need second jobs to sustain their households. When asked why they transitioned from full time to part time, they replied their decision was necessary to mitigate the increased costs; costs related to compliance with the Affordable Care Act and the penalties it imposes.  The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide healthcare benefits to all employees, offering full-time positions of 30 hours or more.
Employers who informed us of these changes were among the Retail, Hospitality and Residential Construction Sectors.



Aerospace Has Jobs for Displaced Oil and Gas Workers

  • Where can displaced O&G workers transition their skills
  • In what industry are displaced O&G workers finding doors open
  • How are displaced O&G workers having to adapt their skills to remain employable

Engineers Construction
How O&G workers are transitioning

Industrial Scaffold Builders

One of the most in-demand occupations

As Houston continues to grow bigger, better, and stronger, the need for certain positions are at an all-time high. One of those positions we want to highlight are industrial scaffold builders.According to S&B Engineers and Constructors 2015, from now until the end of 2016, about 7,000 scaffold helpers will be needed in the Greater Houston MSA. Industrial scaffold builders make their living by constructing, installing, and stabilizing the frames that workers use. Scaffold builders are also needed to help transport materials, tools, and equipment from nearby trailers and trucks to the work site. Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. states an entry level builder will make approximately $13 an hour while those with experience and certifications can make upward of $19 per hour. Houston Community College offers an 80 hour training program that teaches students what is needed to receive their ISC certification. Everest College also has a similar program for non-skilled entry level workers in this field. A few employers that are currently hiring for this position include CBI Inc., KBR, Gulf Copper Manufacturing, and Jordan Equipment Company.
How many scaffolders do you have in your office?

Employer Watch

Industrial Construction Maintains Steady Pace

S&B Engineering & Contractors is hiring skilled craft workers. They need people with the skills to complete 11 open projects. Contract terms last from 6 to 18 months.  S&B invites interested candidates to apply in person and, if qualified, are receiving a call back in 2 to 3 days. They are actively hiring for pipefitters, helpers, electricians, general laborers and safety watchers. Applicants must have a TWIC Card and own their tools. S&B is receiving 700 to 800 applications a week. Job Seekers can apply at:

1805 Center Street                9235 North Hwy 146         448 Plantation Dr
Deer Park, TX 77536            Mont Belvieu, TX 77523     Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Fluor Corporation is currently hiring skilled craft workers. The company is seeking Mechanical Field Engineers, Mechanical Millwrights, Pipe Stress Engineers, Estimators and Ironworker Riggers. Applicants must submit their interest online at 

The Brock Group has a hiring center set up at 8329 Spencer Highway to meet the needs of their projects and maintenance growth. Applications can be submitted online or by contacting a hiring center by calling 1-800-600-WORK. The Brock Group provides scaffolding, work access, insulation, coatings/linings, instrumentation, and heat tracing and electrical services. They are currently hiring painters, scaffolders, insulation craftsman, Forklift Operators, Equipment Managers, Insulation Lead men, Benefits Specialist, and Director of Strategic Accounts and a scaffolding SME, Helper and Web Developer.

Competing in the Global Economy

LinkedIn recently conducted a survey that spotlights the talent in the highest demand globally for 2016. 

From among its worldwide membership, LinkedIn analyzed all the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred in 2015. Going through the data, they looked carefully at the skills of people who were more likely to start a new job or people who were more likely to be contacted by a recruiter. They found these skills were strong towards the end of 2015 and project this trend will carry through in 2016.

Here are the top skills LinkedIn identified from several countries across the globe.

Skill 1

Skill 2 

Skill 3


Cloud & Distributed Computing

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Marketing Campaign Management


Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Middleware and Software Integration

Storage Systems and Management


Cloud & Distributed Computing

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Mobile Development

United Arab Emirates

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Public Policy and International Relations

Algorithm Design


Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Mobile Development

Software QA and User Testing


Cloud & Distributed Computing

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Mobile Development

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