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17-03 Reissued Managing Financial Aid/Income Guidelines


WS 17-03 Reissued

September 28, 2017

Financial Aid

Expires:  Continuing



Career Offices
Financial Aid Payment Office


Mike Temple
David Baggerly


Managing Financial Aid/Income Guidelines


Provide revised Financial Aid Income Guidelines for determining eligibility for Workforce Solutions Financial Aid.  This issuance replaces WS 17-03 dated May 31, 2017.  This issuance updates income guidelines based on the updated 85% of the State Median Income effective October 1, 2017. 


Staff should use the Financial Aid Income Guidelines when it is necessary to apply an income test to qualify a customer for financial aid.


Ensure staff uses the most recent Financial Aid Income Guidelines when determining eligibility for Financial Aid. You can find the Financial Aid Income Guidelines under Financial Aid Services - Desk Aids.


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the electronic Issuance Q&A

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