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Students with Disabilities-Transition Services

What are Pre-Employment Transition Services?

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) provide tools and resources to students with disabilities to help them be successful. Pre-ETS may include education, employment, or training services.

Who is a student with a disability?

A student with a disability is between 14-22 years old and has supporting documentation of a disability.
Documentation of disability includes:

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Receiving services under IDEA (Special Education)

  • Receiving services through a 504 plan, or

  • A formal diagnosis from a medical professional.

The student must be enrolled in a secondary school, postsecondary school, or a recognized educational program.
This includes a public, private, charter, homeschooling or other educational settings, including juvenile justice facilities.  

Career Exploration
  • Assess vocational skills and interests

  • Learn "what's HOT" and "what's NOT" in the job market

  • Learn about vocational opportunities

Work-Based Learning

  • Discover paid/unpaid internships

  • Tour professional job sites 

  • Experience job shadowing and simulated work environments

  • Gain understanding through career mentorship

Post-secondary education counseling

Counselors help:

  • Match abilities and interests with education opportunities 

  • Assist with college enrollment

  • Identify financial aid options

Work Readiness
  • Practice essential or "soft" skills  

  • Communicate effectively

  • Manage time and money responsibly

  • Learn how to use transportation

  • Be ready!

  • Understand rights and responsibilities regarding disability, including disclosure

  • Know when to ask for help and accommodations

  • Remember: you are in charge!

For information about Pre-Employment Transition Services, call your local Vocational Rehabilitation Representative at 832-681-2633 or 1-800-628-5115. Go to

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