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Software Developers, Systems Software

Get a Fresh Byte on a Bright Career. Be a Software Developer

Organizations and businesses rely more and more on computer technology to operate efficiently in the competitive global market. Systems software developers coordinate the construction, maintenance, and expansion of an organization's computer systems. Focused on how the parts work together as a whole, systems software developers make sure all the software's components are working properly.

Compared to the applications software developers, systems software developers look at the bigger picture, connecting the programmers and application developers to the business side of the market. They put together the components into a larger functional system.

Systems software developers are one of the fastest growing occupations in the computer field. As technology gets more and more sophisticated, systems becoming more and more complex, demand for systems software developers will continue to rise offering great job opportunities. The Gulf Coast Region employs a large number of systems software developers and faces an increasing challenge to fill upcoming vacancies.

There are a varety of industries Systems Software Developer can be found

Top 5 Industries for Software Developers, Systems Software

The number of Systems Software Developers in the region is expected to be over 6,000 by 2028!

11% Growth

Estimates show an annual job opening of 473!

Growth 61 Retirement 81 Transfer 331

On top of the high demand, Systems Software Developers earn excellent wages!

Entry $73,236 Median $105,448 Experienced $123,259

What is the skillbase for a System Software Developer

These skills, interests, and knowledge areas are recommended for a career as an systems software developer. The numbers below describe the relative importance of each knowledge/skill area to the occupation.


Computers & Electronics

Knowing both operations and basic programming of computers, hardware, software and other electronic equipment


Engineering & Technology

Knowing practical applications of engineering sciences and applying them to the production of various technologies for consumption and services



Knowing arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and their theories to apply them to real world problems

*Source: Texas Career Check

Job opportunities available across a wide variety of industries with the largest job source in Computer Systems Design.

High School Endorsement: Business & Industry | STEM

Strart in high school by following either the Business & Industry or STEM high school endorsement track, taking chemistry, physics, mathematics, and other sciences to get ahead when applying to college.

Employers generally require a bachelor's degree with emphasis in computer science, information systems or software engineering and a broad knowledge of a variety of computer systems and technologies. Earning a master's degree will make a person much more marketable and some of the more complex positions employers need will require will require it.

This occupation requires frequent upgrades to skills and knowledge of constant changing technology. Students should strive for the highest GPA possible to provide them with the edge needed for acceptance into a computer science program. High school preparation should encompass mathematics and sciences, but especially computer science if offered.

Certifications that show marketable skill in relation to a specific product are also available. Learn more. 

Additional information can be found at the following:

Helpful Tech to Know & Get Ahead

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software: Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault Systemes CATIA , or PTC Creo Parametric 
  • Development Environment Software: Adobe ActionScript, Apache Maven, Microsoft PowerShell, or Verilog
  • Database Management Software: Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig, or NoSQL 
  • Development Software: C++, Python, jQuery, or Microsoft ActiveX
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Fusion Applications, or SAP

Gulf Coast Region's Computer Science and Related Degree Programs

Gulf Coast Region  Computer Science and Related Degree Programs

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