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SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc.

SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc., (SER) is a national, private, nonprofit organization making a positive impact on families across America. Since its inception in 1964, SER has addressed the needs of economically challenged individuals in education, job skills, training, literacy, and employment.

SER’s ultimate goal is to assist individuals across the country and secure their success by via education, training, employment, housing, and addressing any other challenges.  Headquartered in Irving, Texas, SER presently oversees an affiliate network of over 30 community-based organizations in more than 200 cities, in 20 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Through the extensive affiliate network, SER serves over 1,200,000 individuals each year. SER programs touch the lives of pre-school children, youth, high school dropouts, dislocated workers, unemployed individuals, and senior citizens, transforming their lives and communities. 

Interested in becoming a SCSEP participant? Visit the website of SER Jobs for Progress to learn more about the program. 

SER Jobs for Progress
2525 A Jacinto #206
Houston, TX  77002
Phone: 346-330-9931
Website: SCSEP: 55+ Training Program | SER National