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17-06-Distance Learning Call Center TEAMS Data Entry

WS 17-06

October 11, 2017

Basic/Expanded Services

Expires:  Continuing



Adult Education Consortium Providers


Gulf Coast Workforce Board


Distance Learning Call Center TEAMS Data Entry  


To provide Adult Education Consortium Providers with information and guidance on the proper entering of participant direct contact hours with the Distance Learning Call Center (DL Call Center) into the Texas Educating Adults Management System (TEAMS). This WS Issuance provides guidance on:

  • DL Call Center activities, which count as direct contact hours; and
  • the requisites for reporting direct contact hours achieved through participant engagement with DL Call Center instructors. 


The Distance Learning Call Center Pilot Project was awarded to the StudentNest Foundation (StudentNest) on July 1, 2016, to provide assistance in mathematics to adults who meet eligibility requirements for AEL services. StudentNest instructors provide one-on-one instruction using a combination of phone, chat, and interactive whiteboard technology.


AEL considers interaction between an AEL participant and DL Call Center staff in real time to be direct contact hours. Direct contact hours include contact by telephone, video, teleconference, or online communication, in which the provider can verify the identity of the participant and the amount of time spent on the activity. Live online discussions, telephone conference calls, and live video broadcasts to remote locations are examples of direct contact hours under this definition.

Direct contact hours obtained through the DL Call Center must be recorded as direct contact hours, not proxy hours, in TEAMS.

To report direct contact hours obtained through the DL Call Center, Adult Education Consortium Providers must first establish a no-cost business agreement with StudentNest, such as a formal letter of agreement or memorandum of understanding (MOU).   Adult Education Consortium Providers should include the following elements in the MOU with the DL Call Center:

  • the signatures of an authorized representative of the Adult Education Consortium Provider and an authorized representative of StudentNest;
  • a statement of the responsibilities of each organization, including the assurance that StudentNest will provide attendance reports to the program every two weeks;
  • contact information for each organization;
  • names of instructional staff that will be assigned;
  • a data management plan; and
  • a statement of commitment by each organization to carry out the responsibilities outlined in the agreement.

When a participant is receiving AEL services from more than one AEL provider, Adult Education Consortium Providers must implement a method to ensure that participant contact hours from the DL Call Center are entered into and tracked only once in TEAMS. Adult Education Consortium Providers must document this method in the data management plan.

Adult Education Consortium Providers must be aware of the following process for entering StudentNest instructor information into TEAMS so that Adult Education Consortium Providers can record direct contact hours.

  1. TWC AEL staff enters staff details for StudentNest instructors into TEAMS.
  2. StudentNest provides DL Call Center staff instructors' information and qualifications to the Adult Education Consortium Provider within the established MOU so that the Adult Education Consortium Provider can add DL Call Center staff when creating classes in TEAMS to record direct contact hours.
  3. Adult Education Consortium Providers add qualifications and employment details for designated StudentNest staff, using "Literacy Instructor" as the job and "Volunteer" as the employment status.

Adult Education Consortium Providers must complete the following steps to establish StudentNest as a provider in TEAMS and to record direct contact hours obtained through the DL Call Center. Adult Education Consortium Providers must:

  • assign StudentNest as a provider in TEAMS, selecting StudentNest as a "collaborating entity";
  • create a StudentNest site for the provider;
  • create at least one class to document participation in the DL Call Center;
  • assign appropriate StudentNest staff to the designated class or classes;
  • assign DL Call Center participants to the class or classes;
  • record student attendance in TEAMS as direct contact hours, in accordance with the Texas Adult Education and Literacy Assessment Guide; and
  • maintain records of student attendance for monitoring purposes. 


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors. Direct questions to the Gulf Coast Consortium Lead Agency Staff through the Submit a question link.

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